From the Desk of Director

Dr. Arvind Kumar, Director

Buddha Cancer Centre, since its inception have strived towards providing world class affordable cancer treatment. The very inspiration to start a cancer hospital in Bihar came to my mind while pursuing DM in Medical oncology at AIIMS, New Delhi when I saw suffering of patients coming from Bihar for cancer treatment there at AIIMS Delhi. Approximately 35-40 % of cancer patients where from Bihar, it is hard to believe this data but this was another hard fact. Poor patients and their attendants had to sleep on pavements in and around the hospitals for couple of months to wait for their turn for treatment. This was not only the physical trauma faced by the patients and their attendants but, financial trauma as well.

Now, after starting Buddha Cancer Centre at Patna, the patients from Bihar and the adjoining states are able to get treatment easily and on time without taking the risk to travel to metro cities and spending lacs on travelling and accommodations. Our hospital has treated around 1500 cancer patients every year from its inception. Our hospital provides all kinds of cancer treatments including departments of oncology like surgical oncology, medical oncology, Immunotherapy treatment, chemotherapy, Hemato-oncology, gynaecological oncology and other facilities including ICU, Emergency, IPD, OPD, OT etc.

At Buddha cancer centre, all medical staff and non-medical staffs are strived to provide best quality service to our patients and their attendants so as to make their treatment journey relaxing and comfortable. We work round the clock to enforce high standards and practices through continual feedback and improvement in the quality management of the hospitals services. Our team helps cancer patients at each steps to fight with cancer and overcome mental, physical, psychological trauma they face during the course of their treatment and even after that. Various other measures have been taken by the hospitals management team to help the weaker section of the society to get the best treatment, so that no financial barrier could come in the course of their cancer treatment. Cancer care and cure public charitable trust is one of such initiatives which provides cancer treatment to children who are basically from the economically weaker section of the society.

We as team Buddha cancer centre, pledge to deliver the latest guideline based cancer treatment at Patna, so that poorest of cancer patients in Bihar get the treatment which is at par with anywhere in India and abroad. We also have special focus on “Precision Oncology” where we try to find targets within the tumor through genetic test like NGS, so that if any target is available then, chemotherapy could be avoided in such patients and they could benefit from TARGETED treatment. Sometime these oral drugs act as magic bullets.

We are one of the highest volume cancer centre in eastern India, regarding uses of Immunotherapy in cancer treatment. Some of the stage IV cancer patients show dramatic improvement by the uses of immunotherapy. Mind it these immunotherapy drugs are imported drugs, they are not manufactured in India. India don’t have the technology and patency to manufacture as of now. This I am specially saying as don’t be misguided by few of the so called Immunotherapy centre in India, who claims on internet to give immunotherapy by indigenous manufacturing.

Lastly, I would like to say that awareness is the key to early detection of cancer and early detection is the key to cure cancer. So as on oncologist my duty apart from treating cancer, is also to conduct awareness program in various remote district of Bihar, so that patients from Bihar could also be detected in early stage and once they are detected in early stage, better treatment can be imparted to them accordingly.